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On Saturday September 10th join us at the Marion Fall Festival. Come by the Marion Garage Door tent to receive…….

Literature for your next garage door purchase!

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And 1 Lucky Girl & 1 Lucky Boy will ride away on a new 20″ bike from the best garage door company in the 315!

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Have you every had an unmarked vehicle pull into your driveway and wonder “Who is that?”. Marion Garage Door believes that any professional that does home services should loudly and proudly proclaim who they are. For that reason all of our vehicles are lettered with distinctive lettering with technicians that have on company shirts every time.


Marion Garage Door has technicians on staff that specialize in different things. For that reason we can work on any Commercial or Residential garage door. If you have a garage door we have you covered!

  • 5 Star Customer Service for every customer
  • Selling the best product on the market
  • Customer Satisfaction

Since 2001 Marion Garage Door has been built from the ground up on the principles of excellent customer service


Our success has only been possible when the best garage door company meets the best customers.

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Founded in 2001 and going strong since!

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