Service Rates

  • Residential Service charge $105.99
  • Residential Hourly is $89 per hour billed at 30 min increments
  • Service Charge $129.99 within 20 miles of Marion, NY. For Commercial this Service Charge is per truck.
  • Service Charge for all Commercial work greater than 20 miles away from Marion, NY will incur a mileage fee of $2.75 per mile in addition to the standard fee of $129.99.
  • Commercial $99 Hourly with 2 hour minimum per technician for all work, billed at 30 min increments after 2 hr base.
  • Lift Rental up t0 $150 per occurrence based on mileage. Lift Rentals for Commercial work requires a minimum of 2 trucks and 2 technicians on site for logistical and safety reasons.

New Door Quotes

All quotes for new door installations require Marion Garage Door to make a visit to take full measurements. No Exceptions!

We can give you a general idea based on information given but without a visit for full measurements, and a door model selected a written quote will not be given. This onsite visit is Free of Charge!!

Repair Quotes

Marion Garage Door does not provide free on site repair quotes. Based on information given over the phone we can give you a price based on that information. Just a few questions to prepare for….

  • Are your sensors lights on? These are located on the vertical track 6″ off the floor.
  • Is your door sideways?
  • With the opener emergency rope pulled. Can you open the door?
  • Does the garage door opener struggle to open the door?
  • Does the door make grinding noises?

With this information we can provide a realistic quote over the phone. If a visit without a repair is requested we will charge a Service Charge as outlined above.

All written Quotes are valid for 10 days.